About Us

With over 40 years of history in the candle industry, our family of candle connoisseurs and industry professionals have perfected the art and science behind candle-making. Our passion for candle-making led us to create KANDL, a lifestyle-inspired, candle company that aims to share our knowledge and appreciation of quality candles, and how they can enhance your lifestyle.

Located in the storied and discerning Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto, we have designed our boutique to evoke a refined and inviting opulence that offers a full sensory journey throughout. A space where people can learn and discuss not only the physical aspects of a quality candle, but the mindfulness and satisfaction a wonderful candle can bring to regular, and those special days in one’s life.

At our boutique you will find our luxurious line of KANDLs, made with the passion, experience and extensive knowledge we have garnered over decades of dedicated candle-making. Our KANDL line features five unique and complex fragrances we have created using perfume grade scents sourced from the finest fragrance houses from around the world. These fragrances are set in our high-quality wax blend and locally hand-poured into fine hand-blown glass vessels curated from Poland. Our boutique also offers other luxury candle brands that, together with KANDL, will make us the destination for people looking for the very best in candles.

Our passion does not stop there, as we have designed the world’s first fully customizable candle laboratory where you can expand your knowledge and appreciation for candles though an enjoyable, immersive and personal experience. Just like the authentic perfumiers and ciriers of Europe, you can create your own custom candle in our KANDL Lab. Experience the journey of scent as you customize your own fragrance and design a custom candle. Your signature scent will now belong to you. Choose all of the finishes from the vessel, label and packaging to give or bring home something truly custom and as unique as you.


Discover the best candle selection and fragrances in the world.


Enjoy a cup of specialty tea or coffee and a taste of our enticing and unique desserts.


Join us in our KANDL Lab to experience creating and customizing your own personal scent and candle.