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Thompson Ferrier NYC

Ceramic Skull White

The White Louise skull candle is the perfect gift for those delicate lovers of the dark arts. We love this piece because the color and symbol of this work combine two worlds. Our candles are each individually finished by hand using a thorough detailing process that ensures every single detail is cleaned and visible. Every candle is filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and has a single cotton wick that provides a clean burn. The scent is an Indian chestnut rose aroma, scented with exotic spices and aromatic herbs. Each candle is finished with an electroplated glaze that gives it a bold and shiny look. This piece is made to style your living spaces and gifted to those friends or family members who have an appreciation for skull decor and skull art. Fragrance Notes:Rose does Ventes Scent

$ 230 CAD