Lab by Kandl

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At Kandl we bring you the first fully customizable candle experience in North America where you’ll choose, combine and create a custom fragrance candle, from start to finish in just 90 minutes.

Our lab includes:

Guidance from our expert team about the history and techniques to create the perfect custom candle. Custom blending of 125 personalized scent possibilities. Wax and scent infusion. Custom vessel and personalized label. A lesson on proper candle care, to best, enjoy your candle.


Your reservation deposit will not be refunded if you do not arrive on time. If a situation presents itself, please call beforehand to let the team know and we’ll help you book a new date.

Choose your experience

Classic Lab

A sensory journey and the ideal introduction to fragrance selection and candle making

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Glowness Lab

Blend your own fragrance using mood-enhancing scents incorporating essential oils, colour therapy and the healing power of crystals.

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Choose from a variety of personally selected fragrances, sourced from the finest fragrance houses in Europe.


With every step tailored to your preference, create a fully cured candle to take home with you.

Finishing touches

From building your own custom packaging to creating a personalized message, you'll be leaving our lab class with a candle perfectly tailored to you.